【小江戸-Koedo】川越 -Kawagoe

Hi there! I am Harupaka. Today I will introduce about 川越(かわごえ / Kawagoe)in Saitama Prefecture in Japan where is right next to Tokyo.

Kawague is known as 小江戸(こえど/Koedo)which means a small-edo and famous for its beautiful old townscape. A bell tower on the picture above is its symbol. This bell tower was built in 1894 after a big fire in 1893. The bell rings 4 times a day, at 6 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m..

We enjoyed taking a walk and exploring in Kawagoe. You better wear shoes easy to walk.

We had a lunch at 「川越幸すし(Kawagoe Ko Sushi)」.

うなぎ(eel),とろろ(grated yam)with raw egg, tempura and udon noodle.

ちらしずし (chirashi-zushi)=(a kind of sushi with the ingredients chopped and scattered over vinegared rice)

with tempura and udon noodle.

Another type of ちらしずし(chirashi-zushi)

お刺身(さしみ / sashimi)combo and tempura


You can switch language to English on the website of Ko Sushi.

To get to Kawagoe, you have several choices of train.

  • From Ikebukuro station to Kawagoe station by Tobu Tojo line(東武東上線), it takes about 30minutes by semi-express(急行・きゅうこう).

*It is not a JR line so you cannot use JR pass for this.

  • From Shinjuku station to Kawagoe station by JR Saikyo line(JR埼京線), it takes about 55 minutes by express(快速・かいそく).
  • From Seibu-Shinjuku station to Hon-Kawagoe station by Seibu Shinjuku line(西部新宿線), it takes about 45 minutes by Red Arrow Koedo Train(it is a name for train to go to Kawagoe).
  • From Shibuya station to Kawagoe station by Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin-Line(東京メトロ副都心線), it takes about 46 minutes by F-liner (it is a name for train to go to Kawagoe) .

Trains in Tokyo is really complicated even Japanese. If you are visitor to Japan, it is chaos and I am sure you will be lost at a station. Once you get lost at a station, please ask a station staff soon. They will help you. Please do not try to solve an issue by yourself as Japan is completely different from other countries.

For more information you can visit https://www.kawagoesansaku.com/ but it seems no English version.

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